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City cleaning and Waste Recycling

City cleaning and waste management for urban areas are one of the main tasks that Seder takes through government contract projects to reach the highest level of environmental sanitation in the region by using modern means such as equipment, machinery, and consumables to reach a high quality level and ensure that there are no negative environmental impacts. Seder has implemented more than mega thirty projects in this field. The waste recycling process can be defined as the process of recycling and using household, industrial, agricultural, medical, etc., waste to produce other products of the same or less quality than the original product to benefit from and which aims to organize a waste process according to the competence of each of them to reduce waste production, sorting, storing, collecting, transporting and recycling as much as possible in order to achieve the concept of environmental sustainability. Also to maintain public health and human well- being, and reduce the negative impact of this waste and its accumulation on the environment.

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