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Sterilization and disinfection

Seder has a specialized and expert team in disinfection and sterilization Team This team is appreciated by many clients. One example is King Abdullah Hospital at Princess Nora University.

Seder is a pioneer in the disinfection and sterilization field. Our Team uses the best methodology and most effective equipment and chemicals for the disinfection and sterilization process. Some of the key procedures and products is listed below:

Step 1 We use 5H (3M) Ammonium Chloride (Germs and Bacteria Removers, Disinfectants) Disinfection PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Step 2 We use iDOS (5S) Spray (Hydrogen Peroxide) All Area/Surface Sterilization & Disinfection.

Step 3 We use Fogging Machine and Fumigation with (Hydrogen Peroxide) iDOS 5-French Brand for more advanced disinfection and sterilization to eliminate airborne viruses.

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