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Smart buildings

Nowadays buildings need artificial intelligence to achieve the best results in many aspects such as energy efficiency, security and safety, and luxury.
Because most of the building’s parts can be controlled automatically, for example, windows, doors, heating, shutters, heat, air conditioning, etc. by using sensors and cameras
that can collect the necessary data to process and analyse, Such systems will allow adding value features to the users of the smart buildings, whereas people spend most of their time indoor which makes such technologies necessary to safe energy and to get the best security and safety results.
In the near future, all household chores such as cleaning, operating machinery, access to energy and water will be part of the general analysis and control of the data. In addition, this can include monitoring and assisting children, seniors, and people with special needs.
The function and forms of the intelligent systems for automatic control:
– Personal control of the system operation based on the users’ needs.
– Warn the users of any danger or unusual activities.
– Automated launch of the system to
prevent or reduce any damage or danger.

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