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About Us

Group Seder Trading & Contracting Co.

Seder Group Company for Trading and Contracting (a closed joint-stock company) was established forty years ago (1981AD), and it is considered the leading national company in the field of facility management, operation, maintenance and cleaning, electro-mechanical works, information and communication technology, medical maintenance, city cleaning, and sewage treatment (steel and liquid) ), Water supply, steel making, hotels and resorts, and their services, and many other services. The company has high financial solvency and an excellent reputation with Saudi banks, and the company adheres to all issued regulations such as the labor system, social insurance, the cooperative health insurance system, wage protection, resettlement, and other regulations and decisions that guarantee the regularity of the facility and the stability of its workers. The company is managed by highly experienced Saudi engineering, financial and administrative competencies, in addition to a qualified engineering and technical staff at the highest professional standards. The company provides its services in all parts of the Kingdom, and it employs about twenty-seven thousand employees. The company has obtained many quality certificates, and the company manages its business through an automated system.

Our history

Forty years of leadership in the fields of facility management, operation, maintenance and cleaning, electromechanical technical work, city cleaning, waste management and recycling, equipping of smart buildings, telecommunications infrastructure works, establishment, and management of information centers, sewage treatment (solid and liquid), water supply, And steel industry, hotels and resorts and their services, and many other services.

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